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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : List of supported GPUs?

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Message 46870 - Posted: 14 Apr 2017 | 17:53:41 UTC

I'm getting a lot of errors on a GTX 460 - which was running fine last week.

Has this card been retired?

I also humbly suggest that a list of supported GPUs be maintained in this forum, and that it be a sticky post.

Here is the list of tasks for the PC with the 460 -

Some of these tasks have failed on other hosts, too, with an "unknown error" code.



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Message 46871 - Posted: 14 Apr 2017 | 18:30:59 UTC

Very recently every new WU given to any GPU and client has been erroring out. It's not you. But in another case, the fermi support won't last forever, and just for your sake I suggest upgrading to a fairly inexpensive 1060 6gb.

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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : List of supported GPUs?