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Message 55042 - Posted: 5 Jun 2020 | 15:10:09 UTC

Since building my PC in late 2018 I've generally aspired to keep it clean and dust free. I spent money on decent fans, case filters and designing a a filtered airflow through the case that created a positive pressure within the case. So dust has a pretty hard time getting in and I keep an eye on the state of the filters, cleaning when necessary.

I take my PC into work every so often to clean it more thoroughly with compressed air. I'd not done this for a year. It wasn't too bad in there. Yes the filters produced a cloud of dust but all the surfaces were generally clean. Before cleaning my GFX fans were running about 80% @ 70C. After cleaning they dropped to 68% @70C!

Amazing the affect of a little dust.

Pop Piasa
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Message 55046 - Posted: 10 Jun 2020 | 16:18:02 UTC - in response to Message 55042.

Your post reminded me that I never check a couple of laptops that crunch away in a corner. The CPUs were almost at 80C. A case removal and a can of duster gas dropped one to 63C and the other to 68C.
Be cool.

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Message boards : Graphics cards (GPUs) : The power of cleaning